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Nanjing Yuanyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a sponge city system supplier that covers rainwater collection, filtration and reuse. Rainwater collection includes plaza drainage, linear drainage of roads, curb drainage, integrated drainage, etc。 The low-carbon and environmentally-friendly resin concrete drainage ditch has been applied to municipal roads and key projects, and has achieved good reputation and reputation. Rainwater filtration and reuse include safety distribution wells, abandonment flow filtration devices, composite flow filters and water storage modules。 The products have been extracted from the advanced technologies and processes of the United States, Germany and Australia, and have developed a full range of rainwater collection products suitable for China's national conditions。

Our company has a research and development team, which can provide customers with multi-faceted professional technical support, provide solutions and technical measures according to the actual situation of users and have perfect after-sales service. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known water treatment enterprises, design institutes and universities in China and abroad.

We provide high standard product safety assurance, designed and produced in strict accordance with EU EN1433 and EN124 standards. Resin concrete drainage ditch and resin concrete manhole cover have passed CE certification, and the company's production process has also passed GT/TISO90001-2008 quality management system certification.

The company has long been committed to technological advancement and product renewal. We strive to make the company a representative of advanced technology and good reputation, pursue the embodiment of quality standards and core technologies, and always provide better products with scientific attitude of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. and service.

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